Tenure Track Faculty Hiring Steps

Department Chair/Dean/Budget Office/Provost
Center Director/Vice Provost/Budget Office/Provost
All other units contact Human Resources, 573-341-4241, hrsinfo@mst.edu

By contract

6 years

Contact College or Provost Office for sample offer letters. (the below information is also attached – BENEFIT LANGUAGT 20191001)

BENEFIT LANGUAGE effective 10/01/2019

As a benefit eligible employee at the university, you will be eligible to participate in a broad array of total reward programs that the university makes available including health and retirement benefits. http://www.umsystem.edu/totalrewards/benefits 

Retirement Plans- Immediate Action Required if You Are Interested in Participating

You will be eligible to participate in a broad array of benefit programs that the University makes available.  Health, dental, vision, life and disability benefits become effective on your first day of full-time employment, provided you complete enrollment within the first thirty-one (31) calendar days of benefit eligible employment.  For specific information regarding University benefits, please visit the benefits website at www.umsystem.edu/benefits or contact the UM System Office of Human Resources at 573-882-2146.  Most programs will require a contribution on your part to participate. 

You will be enrolled in the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan and automatically enrolled to make a contribution of 8% of eligible compensation. The university will then match 100% of your contribution, up to 8%. You can adjust your contribution election at any time. For specific information regarding University retirement benefits, please visit the retirement website at http://www.umsystem.edu/totalrewards/retirement/core_and_voluntary_plans or contact the UM System Office of Human Resources at 573-882-2146.

On or before your first day of employment, you must make a decision regarding participation in the irrevocable 401(a) Supplemental Retirement Plan and/or irrevocable 403(b) plan.  Unlike other deferral options, once you have made this election it cannot be stopped or modified during your employment with the University. *If you have previously been employed in any capacity with the University of Missouri, please contact UM System Office of Human Resources Retirement Department to determine eligibility to enroll in irrevocable plans.

Faculty Hiring Contacts

For additional information or assistance, please contact your college admin – Ashley Newton, newtona@mst.edu for CEC or Leanna Miller, leannamiller@mst.edu for CASE or Sarah Johnson, johsarah@mst.edu in the Provost Office for their Direct Reports or your strategic partner in Human Resources.