Faculty Hiring Procedures

(Academic Positions)

Depending on the type of academic position, the hiring procedures will be different. Below you will find details on the position types and the titles they encompass.

Non-regular faculty groups

**Non-regular faculty are divided into three groups, full-time (ranked), full-time (unranked) and part-time/temporary. All of these types should comply with Missouri S&T Policy Memorandum No. II-12 and UM System collected rules and regulations, specifically chapter 310.035 non-tenure track faculty executive guideline no. 35

***NTT faculty should also comply with Missouri S&T Policy Memorandum No. II-13.

Faculty Hiring Contacts

For additional information or assistance, please contact your college admin – Ashley Newton, newtona@mst.edu for CEC, Megan Fowler, roarkme@mst.edu for CASE, Evette Eickelmann, evette.eickelmann@mst.edu for Kummer College or Sarah Johnson, johsarah@mst.edu in the Provost Office for their Direct Reports or your strategic partner in Human Resources.