Academic Planning Committee

The Academic Planning Committee (APC) will create a strategic plan that analyzes the current status of our academic programs, academic calendar, and instructional modalities, and proposes changes to all of these in a coordinated way that increases enrollment in our degree and certification programs, with special attention to access and timeliness of degree/certificate completion. There should be no lowering of our academic standards or program quality with regard to student success or career preparation. New degree and certification programs should be proposed, and existing ones may be removed from our catalogue. While our academic year is semester-based and synchronized across the UM system, there are few restrictions on academic calendar planning in the summer or winter breaks. Course-based learning needs to occur year-round, without the current lulls in summer and winter. All digital and in-person instructional modes (and combinations of them) should be considered and proposed on a course, discipline, or program basis so to promote these objectives.

Committee members will be responsible for plans that affect their respective sub-committees, but will be encouraged to contribute to the broader programmatic planning effort.

Focus Area's

  • Professional Graduate Education
  • Digital Learning
  • Undergraduate Education and Enrollment Mangagement
  • Steering Committee

Professional Graduate Education

What graduate programs (degrees and certificates) should we offer (based on market demand and potential for enrollment and revenue), and how do we best deliver them?

    • Beth Kania-Gosche (TEC)
    • Suzie Long (EMSE)
    • Keng Siau (BIT)
    • Costas Tsatsoulis (DGS)


Digital Learning

What modalities are available to deliver our academic programs and how do we employ these modalities (singly or in combination) to expand access to students who may not prefer or be able to experience on-campus learning? (Consider online, distance, asynchronous, synchronous, hybrid, flipped, and other methods)

    • Katherine Grote (GGPE)
    • Bruce McMillin (CS)
    • Caprice Moore (iVP-GL)
    • Sahra Sedigh Sarvestani (ECE)


Undergraduate Education and Enrollment Mangagement

Does our current undergraduate portfolio (degrees and certificates) provide the best and broadest opportunities for the success of our students, or are there other programs that should be considered?

    • Kelly Homan (MAE)
    • Shobi Sivadasan (VP EM)
    • John Singler (Math)
    • Kris Swenson (ETC)


Steering Committee

    • Richard Brow (iDP); APC Chair
    • Shannon Fogg (iADAA, CASB)
    • Franca Oboh-Ikuenobe (ADAA, CEC)
    • Lucretia Eaton (advisory/finance)
    • Wayne Jones (advisory/institutional research)
    • Sarah Johnson (admin)

Committee Members

Committee members include:

  • Lucretia Eaton, director of business managers
  • Dr. Shannon Fogg, interim dean for academic affairs for the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education, and professor of history and political science
  • Dr. Beth Kania-Gosche, chair and professor of education
  • Dr. Katherine Grote, associate professor of geosciences and geological and petroleum engineering
  • Dr. Kelly Homan, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • Dr. Wayne Jones, senior director of institutional research and data management
  • Dr. Suzanna Long, chair and professor of engineering management and systems engineering
  • Dr. Bruce McMillin, interim chair and professor of computer science
  • Dr. Caprice Moore, interim vice provost for global learning
  • Dr. Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe, interim dean for academic affairs for the College of Engineering and Computing and professor of geology
  • Dr. Sahra Sedigh Sarvestani, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering
  • Dr. Keng Siau, chair and professor of business and information technology
  • Dr. John Singler, associate professor of mathematics and statistics
  • Dr. Shobi Sivadasan, vice provost of enrollment management
  • Dr. Kris Swenson, chair and professor of English and technical communication
  • Dr. Costas Tsatsoulis, vice chancellor of research and dean of graduate studies