Do you know a female faculty member who deserves recognition for positive contributions and service to S&T and the lives of women on campus?

Woman of the Year is an honor given to a female faculty member (full-time tenured or tenure track) dedicated to student education and committed to diversity.

Watch the winner be announced live, April 21, 2021 at 12pm.


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Nominations will be accepted until March 17, 2021.

Woman of the Year is an honor given to a female faculty member dedicated to student education and committed to diversity.

Nominees should demonstrate these qualities or qualifications: 

  • Is a female faculty member (full-time tenured or tenure track)
  • Exemplifies the abilities and qualities that improve the campus climate for women through all elements of the university community
  • Serves as a role model by:
    • Work on issues that affect the quality of women’s lives at Missouri S&T
    • Commitment to student learning
    • Support for diversity
    • Active participation in student and faculty mentoring
    • Achievements in her professional field
    • Willingness to speak out on issues that affect the quality of women’s lives at Missouri S&T

The nominator is responsible for informing the nominee of their nomination and must solicit and collect up to five letters of support for the nominee.

The nominator should submit the following documents using the online form:

  • A letter of nomination
  • Letter(s) of support for the nomination (up to 5)
  • A CV from the nominee

A person may only be nominated one time each year. If multiple nominations are received for the same person, the person submitting the second nomination of a candidate will be notified.

Nominations will only be considered once all required information has been received.


If you have questions about the nomination process, you may contact the committee chairperson, Dr. Audra Merfeld-Langston, at 573-341-4997 or

The award is funded by Missouri S&T alumna and Board of Trustees member Cindy Tang, Econ,’85. Thanks to her generosity, each recipient of the Woman of the Year Award receives professional development funds and a personal gift. Learn more about Ms. Tang.

In 2016, Cindy Tang established the Dr. Elizabeth Cummins Women’s Advocate Award in honor of one of her mentors. Cummins, a professor emerita and former chair of English and technical communication, was named Missouri S&T’s first Woman of the Year in 1997. 

Dr. Mary Reidmeyer, CerE’78, MS CerE’84, PhD CerE’89, teaching professor of ceramic engineering and outreach coordinator in materials science and engineering at Missouri S&T, is the inaugural recipient of the Dr. Elizabeth Cummins Women’s Advocate Award. 

The award is given to any Missouri S&T employee, regardless of gender or job designation, that demonstrates commitment to the women on campus through mentorship and advocacy and by setting an example through professional achievement. The award includes a stipend to fund professional development.

Latest Award Recipient

Amber Henslee

Amber Henslee

Henslee joined Missouri S&T as an assistant professor in 2010, and her main field of study is substance use and mental health in underrepresented and stigmatized groups. She says that through her teaching, she hopes to dispel the myths, stereotypes and prejudice against underrepresented and stigmatized groups and highlight the longstanding systemic intersectionality of race, ethnicity, sex and socioeconomic status that perpetuates stigma, specifically among those with mental health and substance use issues.
Henslee’s colleagues and students praised her not only for her teaching, research and scholarship, but also for her mentorship and advocacy for the less fortunate. 

Past Woman of the Year Recipents

  • Kathleen Sheppard, 2019
  • Kathryn Northcut, 2018
  • Audra Merfeld-Langston, 2017
  • Suzanna Long, 2016
  • Dan Lin, 2015
  • Shannon Fogg, 2014
  • Barbara Hale, 2013
  • Irina Ivliyeva, 2012
  • Diana Ahmad, 2011
  • Kimberly Henthorn, 2010
  • Kate Drowne, 2009
  • Melanie Mormile, 2008
  • Jennifer Leopold, 2007
  • Kristine Swenson, 2006
  • Frances Montgomery, 2005
  • Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe, 2004
  • Nuran Ercal, 2003
  • Mariesa Crow, 2002
  • Carol Ann Smith, 2001
  • Susan Murray, 2000
  • Paula Lutz, 1999
  • Catherine Riordan, 1998
  • Elizabeth Cummins, 1997