Curators' Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita Process

For Curators’ Distinguished Professor/Teaching Professor Emeritus, additional steps are required as listed below.

1. The department Chair will complete a memorandum that includes all signatures needed.

CDP-CDTP Emeritus/Emerita Approval Memo

2. Complete the Checklist.

  • CDP/CDTP Emeritus Nomination Checklist 
    • Curriculum Vita (CV) must be provided to Provost Office
    • Required letters are covered by the suggested letter that the Provost sends and asks to be sent and signed

3. Follow the instructions (accessible at the link below) to write an Executive Summary for each nomination.  

  • Executive Summary Instructions
    • emeritus faculty member or department MUST prepare this document and send in word format in case Provost or Chancellor’s Office is required to make changes – please note required format

Note: Final confirmation of the appointment will come from the Office of the President.

All these documents need to accompany a memo that is signed by department chair, college dean and sent to Provost Office listed as step 1.

The Board of Curators will review Curators' Professor Emeritus submissions at the April, June, September and November board meetings. All submissions will need to be received by the Provost Office via email to by the dates below.

  • For consideration at April Board Meeting
    • February 23: Completed nomination materials due
  • For consideration at June Board Meeting 
    • April 26: Completed nomination materials due
  • For consideration at September Board Meeting
    • July 8: Completed nomination materials due
  • For consideration at November Board Meeting
    • September 20: Completed nomination materials due