Commencement Information

Commencement Student Speaker Contest

Graduating students can earn a chance to speak at commencement.

Congratulations, you’re graduating!  Your graduation day is something to be proud of.  You’ve worked hard to earn your degree, and your S&T education will be recognized and respected wherever you go.

Sharing your S&T experience as a commencement speaker is not only valuable to the audience, the opportunity will shine on your resume and also provide you public speaking experience.

The Commencement Committee is seeking Student Speakers who are graduating to speak at the upcoming Fall 2021 commencement ceremonies.  Bachelors, Master’s and Ph.D. students from both colleges may apply.  The Commencement Committee will pick at least two of the best speeches.

Your speech should focus on how S&T benefited you and your career at S&T in a perky, positive way.  It should show emotion and catch the attendee’s attention!  It should be no longer than 2 (two) minutes when given.


  • How To Enter The Contest
  • How The Speakers Are Chosen

How To Enter The Contest

Fill out and upload the Commencement Speaker Application and the following documents to the form by 8 am Monday, October 4, 2021.

  • Your resume
  • Your typed speech in a word document
  • Your recorded speech
  • Your biography

How The Speakers Are Chosen


  • Written speech and recorded speech will be reviewed by the Commencement Committee selection team
  • Two winners will be notified
  • The winners will be coached with written and verbal comments (this is nothing personal)
  • The winners will be recorded numerous times prior to the ceremony
  • Speaker must be a member of the graduating class
  • At any time you think there may be an issue with your graduation, please contact right away
  • Your speech can’t be longer than two minutes when you speak