Our Office

Daniel Forciniti

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

  • Faculty Affairs
  • Promotion and Tenure, NTT, Third Year Review
  • Curators' Distinguished Process
  • myVITA/RPT
  • Special Projects
Stephen Raper

Associate Provost for Academic Operations, Accreditation, and Assessment

  • Streamlining Academic Operations and Communication
  • Oversee Accreditation Processes (AACSB, ABET, HLC)
  • Liaison to Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum
  • Direct Admissions Advising
  • Mentoring and Student "belonging" project
  • Oversee Academic Reviews 
  • University Level liaison for degree programs and revisions
  • University Assessment Committee and General Education Working Group 
  • Work with Core Curriculum Advisory Committee/Core 42
  • Other projects as assigned
Krista Chambers

Senior Executive Assistant

  • Provost Calendar and assistant
  • Office lead
  • Faculty Searches & Offer letters
  • Provost Leadership Cabinet Secretary
  • Special Projects
Misty House

Program/Project Support Coordinator II

  • Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Calendar
  • Faculty Reports
  • Promotion and Tenure, NTT, Third Year Review
  • Curators’ Distinguished Process
  • Endowed Faculty Reviews
  • Faculty Senate Secretary
  • myVita/RPT Support Contact
  • Faculty Awards
  • Special Projects
Sarah Johnson

Executive Assistant

  • Assistant to the Associate Provost for Academic Operations, Accreditation, and Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Faulty & Staff eRecruit, etc
  • Accounting, Reconciliation, and Procurement
  • Special Projects