Note:  The sample is provided for instruction and guidance and can be accessed here. When you submit your dossier, please use the naming structure used below.


To complete your dossier you will need to use the fillable forms.


A-Title Page (A-TitlePageLastnameFirstname)

B-Third Year Review Summary (B-SummaryLastnameFirstname)

C-Candidate Self Assessment (CandidateSelfAssessmentLastnameFirstname)

E-Department Chair Assessment (E-ChairLastnameFirstname)

M-Curriculum Vitae or Resume (M-CVLastnameFirstname)

N-Scholarly Activities (N-SponsResLastnameFirstname)

O-Graduate Facutly Activities (O-GradFacLastnameFirstname)

P-Teaching (P-TeachingLastnameFirstname)

Q-Service (Q-Service)

R-Extension Activities (R-ExtensionLastnameFirstname)

Z-Verification of Accuracy




Instructions for Creating Electronic Dossiers


The forms below can be downloaded and filled out by clicking here.

B-Third Year Review Summary

N-Sponsored Research Activities Summary

O-Graduate Faculty Related Activites

R-Faculty Extention and Continuing Education Activities Summary