Sample Non-Tenure Track Promotion Dossier (Research or Teaching)

Candidate Verification of Accuracy (CandidateSignatureAccuracyLastnameFirstname)

A-NTT Title Page (TitlePageLastnameFirstname)

B-NTT Summary of Action (SummaryLastnameFirstname)

C-NTT Promotion Procedures  (C-ProceduresLastnameFirstname)

D-Department Committee's Narrative (D-DeptCommitteeLastnameFirstname)

E-Department Chair Narrative - Teaching  or E-Department Chair Narrative - Research (E-ChairLastnameFirstname)

F-NTT Committee Narrative (F-NTTCommLastnameFirstname)

G-VP&D NTT Narrative (G-VPDLastnameFirstname)

H-Provost Recommendation - will be added to the dossier by the Provost's Office

I-Chancellor's Letter- will be added to the dossier by the Provost's Office

J-Supplemental Campus Committee Response

K-External Reviewers (K-ExternalLastnameFirstname)

L-Letters of Support (L-LettersLastnameFirstname)

M-Curriculum VItae or Resume (M-CVLastnameFirstname)

N-Scholarly Activities (N-SponsReLastnameFirstname) – for Research Dossier 

O-Graduate Faculty Activities (O-GradFacLastnameFirstname) – for Research Dossier

P-Teaching (P-TeachingLastnameFirstname) – for Teaching Dossier

Q-Service (Q-ServiceLastnameFirstname)

R-Extension Activities (R-ExtensionLastnameFirstname)

If materials need to be added AFTER the dossier is submitted, this form should be completed:

Documentation Added Signature Page (DocumentationAddedLastnameFirstname)