Promotion and Tenure Procedures

for Tenure-track and Tenured Faculty

Promotion and tenure documentation must adequately demonstrate that thorough consideration has been given to all facets of the abilities and performance of a faculty member being considered for promotion and/or tenure.  The candidate should be thoroughly familiar with the contents of the following documents, which are reproduced from the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR), Missouri S&T Promotion  and/or Tenure Procedures, and relevant campus policy memoranda.  Additional documents with which the candidate should be familiar are included below.

Key documents include, but are not limited to:

CRR 310.020 – Regulations Governing Application of Tenure

CRR 320.035 – Policy and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure

Missouri S&T Policy Memorandum No. II-10 – Qualifications for Professorial Academic Ranks

The forms below can be downloaded and filled out by clicking here. Please use the naming structure shown below when creating your dossier. 

A-Title Page (A-TitlePageLastnameFirstname)  

B-Summary of Action (B-SummaryLastnameFirstname

K-External Reviewers(K-ExternalLastnameFirstname)

N-Publications (N-PublicationsReLastnameFirstname) 

O-Graduate Faculty Activities sample (O-GradFacLastnameFirstname) – for Research Dossier

R-Extension Activities (R-ExtensionLastnameFirstname) 

Z-Candidate Verification of Accuracy (CandidateSignatureAccuracyLastnameFirstname)

If materials need to be added AFTER the dossier is submitted, this form should be completed:

Document Added Signature





Instructions for Composition of P&T Dossiers

Promotion and Tenure Sample Dossier

Note:  The P&T dossier sample is provided for instruction and guidance and can be accessed herePlease use the naming structure shown below when creating your dossier. 

A-Title Page (A-TitleLastnameFirstname)

B-Summary of Action (B-SummaryLastnameFirstname)

C-Procedures (C-ProceduresLastnameFirstname)

D-Dept Committee Narrative (D-DeptCommNarrativeLastnameFirstname)

E-Dept Chair’s Narrative (E- DeptChairNarrativeLastnameFirstname)

K- Solicitation and Inclusion of Letters from External Reviewers (KExtReviewLastnameFirstname)

L-Letters of Support (L-LettersLastnameFirstname) optional

M-Curriculum Vitae or Resume (M-CVLastnameFirstname)

N-Scholarly Activities (N-SponsResLastnameFirstname)

O-Graduate Faculty Activities (O-GradFacLAstnameFirstname)

P–Teaching (P-TeachingLastnameFirstname)

Q–Service (Q-ServiceLastnameFirstname)

R-Extension Activities (R-ExtensionLastnameFirstname) if applicable

Z-Candidate Verification of Accuracy (VerifAccuracyLastnameFirstname)