Non-tenure track faculty hiring steps

Department Chair, Dean, Provost*
Center Director, Vice Provost, Provost
All other units contact Human Resources, 573-341-4241,

*Librarian I/II, Librarian III and Librarian IV require provost signature. Librarian titles are academic positions routed through Human Resources.

By contract.

Contract length
NTT faculty appointments shall begin at a specified date and terminate at a specified date.  Such appointments are usually for a period of one academic year but may be for a longer or shorter period, except no single term appointment shall be for a period longer than three years.  Such three-year appointments should be reserved for the highest qualified, highest performing NTT faculty members.

Reappointments should be based, in part, on the performance expectations communicated at the time of appointment by the chair with the concurrence of the dean [5] and the provost.

Decisions to reappoint NTT faculty should generally be made in advance of the appointment end date.  NTT faculty who will not receive a reappointment should be informed in writing at least three months in advance of the appointment end date unless extenuating circumstances exist.

1-3 years, renewable.

Faculty Hiring Contacts

For additional information or assistance, please see a list of hiring contacts and/or strategic partners in Human Resources.