The Quality of Teaching at Missouri S&T

Missouri S&T faculty and administration value and reward excellent teaching. Each semester, students provide feedback about the degree to which faculty members are prepared to lecture, the interest and enthusiasm which faculty show in students and their learning achievements, and other related issues. Student evaluations are an integral part of the faculty reward, tenure, and promotion structure on this campus. A recent study by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education indicated that Missouri S&T students are more satisfied with the quality of instruction than students at any of the other UM system schools.

A related issue is the ability of those lecturing to communicate effectively in English. Some Missouri S&T faculty, like faculty on nearly every campus in the United States, are lecturing in a second or a third language. Despite a thorough knowledge of English, accents may remain. When students practice patience and make the effort necessary to attune their ears to the accent, most will find their lives enriched by the opportunity to experience cultural diversity.

Feedback to the Provost

In the infrequent situation that you have difficulty understanding a faculty member, the administration wants to know. Usually, simple interventions to improve the clarity of communication resolves the situation. If you have concerns about a particular faculty member, you can send an anonymous message to the Provost.