Curators Distinguished Professor Selection Process

The University of Missouri Board of Curators requests nominations for Curators Distinguished Professorships and Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professorships. These professorships are our university's most prestigious academic appointments, and awardees receive a $15,000 annual stipend for as long as they hold the position. Any faculty member nominated for this appointment is expected to be an outstanding scholar with an established reputation for research or teaching. No person shall hold a Curators' Professorship while serving also in a full-time administrative position. 

Successful candidates

Curators' Distinguished Professors are fully integrated in the academic department and their college or school. These scholars and teachers are a resource for the entire university and lecture at other UM universities, engage in teaching and research across academic divisions and serve as role models and mentors for other faculty.

After the initial deadline, a campus wide committee of distinguished or otherwise exceptional faculty and academy members will review and recommend candidates to the Provost and Chancellor. The Provost and Chancellor will submit recommendations to the University of Missouri System for final review before the Board considers candidates at its September meeting.



Nomination Packet Instructions and Timeline

Nominations should originate in the academic department and must be submitted to the Office of the Provost by March 1, 2024. 

Every nomination will need a completed Nomination Checklist attached to the nomination packet. For the external letters of support requirement, a complete evaluation by prominent reviewers external to UM System is requested.

Follow the Executive Summary Instructions to write an Executive Summary for each nomination.  Please note the required format.