The following data provides Missouri S&T's means and standard deviations of scores for the semesters and academic years the students were tested and the reference group's mean and standard deviations of the intitutional scores. Missouri S&T is assigned to the reference group of Doctoral/Research Universitites by the majority of Assessment Tests.

Academic Year Results
2005-2006 Fall Spring
2006-2007 Fall Spring
2007-2008 Fall  Spring
2008-2009 Fall  Spring
2009-2010 Fall  Spring
2010-2011 Fall  Spring
2011-2012 Fall  Spring
2012-2013 Fall  Spring
2013-2014 Fall   Spring
2014-2015 Fall  Spring
Academic Year MFT Results
2006-2007 Fall Spring
2007-2008 Fall Spring
2008-2009 Fall Spring
2009-2010 Fall Spring
2010-2011 Fall Spring
2011-2012 Fall Spring
2012-2013 Fall Spring
2013-2014 Fall  

Year                    SSI Results

2008                  SSI Results