S&T Assessment Committee

2019-2020 Academic year

Nancy Stone (Chair) - Psychological Science
Dave Duvernell - Biological Sciences
Cassie Elrod – Business & Information Technology
Dan Reardon – English & Technical Communication
Tyrone Davidson – Academic Advising
Rachel Morris - Academic Support
Wayne Huebner – Materials Science & Engineering
Steve Raper – Engineering Management & Systems Engineering
Barb Prewett - Student Affairs
Edna Grover-Bisker - Student Affairs
Audrey Deterding - Arts, Language, and Philosophy
Christi Luks - Chemical & Biochemical Engineering


Provost Office – Committee Support
Daniel Forciniti – Provost Office
Caprice Moore - Provost Office
Irina Ivliyeva - Arts, Language, and Philosophy (CAFÉ Chair)

  • To initiate a university-wide, faculty led process for assessment and continuous improvement of
    student learning outcomes
  • To foster an ongoing insitutional culture of continuous improvement
  • To be a resource ans support for the university assessment and revision of student learning outcomes
  • Identify and review current program assessment tools and techniques for all academic programs and provide recommendations for improvements to dean, department chairs and program directors
  • Develop a campus-wide assessment process, incorporating policies, proceedures and assessment tools
  • Prompt departments to define, inventory and assess student learning at the department level. Develop shared language for assessment and oversee conduct of department activities related to assessment of learning experiences for undergraduate, graduate, and general educaiton learning outcomes.